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         Xrite Spectrodensitometer and Description        Use for Pressroom CYMK and Spectral Data
 504 Basic model measures density quickly and reliably.                                                                                                           NEW     $1749.00
 508 Prepress and pressroom densitometer for  measuring density, dot area, and dot gain.                                                          NEW     $2179.00

 518 Densitometer for 4-color CYMK plus measurement functions such as density, dot gain, dot area, trap, and print contrast. Used Units Only $1449

X-Rite eXact SpectroDensitometer: This unit replaces the X-Rite 518, X-Rite 528, X-Rite 530       Call for Price    






         Xrite X-Ray/Black and White Densitometers and Description     USE for NDT and Medical Radiology and MRI Prints, Plastics, Metalizing,   and Microfilm.
 301 NEW - Repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white film densities measures density quickly and reliably.            $1680.00 
 301 REBUILT- Repeatable and accurate measurements of black and white film densities measures density quickly and reliably.  Used Rebuilt 2YR. Warranty $925.00
 331C NEW  Same functionality as X-Rite 301 but has portability and battery powered.                                                                $1192.00

*Expert Repair X-Rite 301 available

*Expert Repair X-Rite 331 available for units with any serial numbers.

*All Accessories available: Calibration References, Battery Chargers, Spare Lamps, and other parts


Expert Repair Macbeth Densitometers available

ALL PARTS Available

Lamps for Macbeth 900 Series, part numbers: 30950000

Lamps for Macbeth 900 Series, part numbers: 20003004











Welcome to your one stop resource for densitometer

Our Mission

Our goal here is to get you up and running FAST with a replacement densitometer or with our expert Macbeth Service. We specialize in NDT (X-ray Non Destructive Testing), includes Xrite 301 and Xrite 331 and Macbeth TD932.

Company Profile

We have provided quality products and services to our customers for the past30 years

Sam Coniglio is our company name, and we are a formally Macbeth,  Gretag/Macbeth Densitometer Dealer, and now, after these  companies have been acquired by X-rite Inc. , we are  proudly an X-rite Dealer. We sell and service new and used densitometers. We repair current as well as out of production Macbeth and Xrite Densitometer.

Contact Information

Pre-Sales, Service, Technical Support Telephone
Shipping Address
311 North 4th Street, Hamilton Montana 59840  USA

Mailing Address

PO BOX 1671 Hamilton Montana 59840

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